Who are we?

Our Mission

To promote the preservation and restoration of all things built by the Chrysler Corporation in a family oriented informal club.

From young to old we have a passion…. some may say it’s a sickness they call “Moparitis” of which there is no cure.

where it all began

In the spring of 1999, Mike Roberson attended a Phoenix, Arizona Saturday Night Cruise-In and liked what he saw there.
He wondered if there were enough Mopar enthusiasts in the Salem area to do something similar. Mike enlisted Lee
Morgan to help. They talked to other Mopar enthusiasts about forming an All Mopar car club. They chose the best traits
from different organizational styles of clubs and laid the ground work for a family-oriented, informal club that focused on
having fun. They named it Pentastar Pride. The emphasis was on the preservation and restoration of all vehicles built
under the Chrysler umbrella. By-laws were drafted and submitted for approval. Club officers were chosen. Flyers were
sent out. Our first meeting had 28 people.
In our first year, we had 2 picnic cruises, 2 drive-ins and a cruise-in. Our first Cruise-In was a success with 89 vehicles. The
next year, club members distributed flyers with personal invitations, newspaper ads and radio broadcasts. These
successful efforts attracted 164 vehicles and 375 people. We have ended each year with a Christmas dinner.
The club continues to grow. The first show was held in 1999 at the sales lot of Roberson Motors. The second, third and
fourth years, the entire sales lot was filled. We added the adjacent RV sales lot for the fifth and sixth year. By 10 am of the
6th show in 2004, we were full to capacity, as cars kept coming. There were 243 vehicles on the lot, with spectators and
show cars lining the streets and nearby parking lots. They were there to enjoy the food, music, vendors and, of course,
the vehicles.
From conception, there has been no requirement for a vehicle to be a “show car.” It just needs to be safe for it to be on
the road. We believe that every Mopar vehicle has a story. A designer thought about every detail and drew it out. Another
molded it in clay. Others sat through endless meetings persuading someone to build it. Factory workers assembled it.
Then the vehicle was shipped by rail and trucked to a dealer, where it was test driven and cleaned it up, as someone else
eagerly signed the paperwork to bring it home. Then the vehicle became part of the family, where its stories could be told.
There is such a rich history and chain of events that bring us to today’s vehicles. One thing is for sure, they are an integral
part of our lives and play such a large part in our American history. We don’t want these stories to die. It doesn’t matter if
it’s not a “show car.” It has a story. We want to see it and hear the details of its history. We have seen a great cross-
section of vehicles from a 1929 stock Plymouth Coupe to the newest vehicles made and everything in between. We enjoy
seeing how owners apply their personal touches. Their love for their vehicles is still alive.
Over the years, the event has grown to be more than just a gathering of cars and people. It is a means to rally the community in support of local business and charitable organizations. The goal of the Pentastar Pride Cruise-In is to provide
an event for the car owners and spectators, and a ready audience for our sponsors to promote their companies and products with a common goal: supporting the auto hobby and giving back to the community. Our promotional efforts include several electronic magazines and event calendars, and Facebook and Instagram posts. A coordinated public
relations campaign distributes event flyers throughout the Willamette Valley. During the event, several broadcasts over
the PA system and remote radio broadcasts are available. Sponsors have enjoyed their relationship with the event, and
often use their own give-a-way contests as lead generators to promote their own businesses.
The Pentastar Pride Car Club supports charity organizations by partnering with them during the event. The Humane
Society, Union Gospel Mission, Marion County Food Bank, Women’s Crisis Center, Safe Haven Humane Society,
Alzheimer’s Association are a few of those organizations that have received support from the club.

The Club By-Laws

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