Table of Contents

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Mission Statement                                                               2

1.0.0                        Name and Purpose                                                               2

2.0.0                        Membership                                                                          2

   2.1.0                     Family Membership                                                             2

   2.2.0                     Individual Membership                                                       2

   2.3.0                     Junior Membership                                                              2

   2.4.0                     Membership Requirements                                                3

   2.5.0                     Resignation of Membership                                               3

2.6.0                     Termination of Membership                                               3

3.0.0                        Club Meetings                                                                      3

   3.1.0                     Special Meetings                                                                 3

4.0.0                        Club Dues                                                                             3

5.0.0                        Duties for Board of Directors                                             4

5.1.0                     Number of Directors                                                            4

5.2.0                     Election of Directors                                                            4

5.3.0                     Terms of Directors                                                               4

5.4.0                     Resignation of Directors                                                     4

5.5.0                     Removal of Directors                                                           4

5.6.0                     Vacancy on Board of Directors                                         5

6.0.0                        Club Officers                                                                         5

6.1.0                     Duties of Officers                                                 5

6.2.0                     Appointment of Officers                                                     5

6.3.0                     Terms of Officers                                                                 5

6.4.0                     Resignation of Office                                                          5

6.5.0                     Removal from Office                                                            5

6.6.0                     Vacancy of Office                                                                5

7.0.0                        Responsibilities of Officers                                                6

7.1.0                     Chairperson                                                                          6

7.2.0                     Secretary                                                                               6

7.3.0                     Treasure                                                                                                6

7.4.0                     Past Chairperson                                                                  6

8.0.0                        Failure to hold Office                                                           7

9.0.0                        Elections                                                                                7

10.0.0                      Special Committee                                                                7

11.0.0                      Club Rules & Regulations                                                  7

12.0.0                      Functions                                                                              7

13.0.0                      Inspection & Judging at Events                                        8

14.0.0                      Insurance                                                                              8

15.0.0                      Newsletter                                                                             8

16.0.0                      Amendments to the By-Laws                                            8


To promote the preservation and restoration of Mopar vehicles in a family oriented atmosphere.  Mopar vehicles are defined as all vehicles under the Chrysler umbrella.


1.0.0       Club Name and Purpose


1.0.1        The name of this organization shall be Pentastar Pride.  It shall be incorporated under the provisions of the Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Act of the State of Oregon.

  • By definition of the club organization, Pentastar Pride is an Informal club. An Informal club has a structure of officers for leadership and empowers the members to use the by-laws as the master at arms.
  • The purpose of the club is to promote interest in and enjoyment of Mopar vehicles through public functions such as meetings, cruise-ins, exhibitions, shows, etc.

1.0.4        The club will give back to the community where and when possible.

1.0.5        The club’s presence is to be a positive influence in the community.

1.0.6        The club will support and promote courteous and safe behavior and driving habits.

1.0.7        The club will provide a common family oriented meeting place for the Mopar enthusiast.

2.0.0       Membership

2.0.1        There shall be only 3 types of memberships: Family, Individual, and Junior.

2.1.0       Family Membership

2.1.1        A family whose members are in good standing with the community, have a genuine interest in Mopar vehicles, who has met the requirements of membership and paid their dues.

2.1.2        The head of household must be at least 18 years of age.

2.1.3        Family members to be included are the immediate family living in the household.

Individual Membership


2.2.1        An individual who is in good standing in the community with a genuine interest in Mopar vehicles, who has met the requirements of membership and paid their dues.

2.2.2        An individual must be at least 16 years of age.

2.3.0       Junior Membership

2.3.1        Junior membership is for those individuals less than 16 years of age, whose parent or legal guardian is a member in good standing.

  • A Junior member is in good standing in the community with a genuine interest in Mopar vehicles.
  • Junior members will be subject to certain limitations as defined in additional Articles.

2.4.0       Membership Requirements

2.4.1        Own a Mopar vehicle or have a sincere interest in the club’s functions.

  • Shall maintain reasonable and orderly conduct at club functions.
  • Shall operate motor vehicles in a controlled and lawful manner at functions.
  • Annual dues shall be current and paid to the club treasurer.
  • Dues will be prorated to the common annual date of January and are payable at the time of membership acceptance. Membership and privileges are effective upon payment of dues.

2.5.0       Resignation of Membership


2.5.1        Any member may resign at any time.

2.5.2        The resignation of a member does not relieve the member from any financial obligation the member may have to the club as a result of delegations incurred or commitments made prior to resignation.

2.6.0       Termination of Membership

2.6.1        A member may be expelled from the club for violation of the by-laws as determined by the Board of Directors.

2.6.2        A written notice of expulsion and the reasons thereof will be mailed to said member not less than 15 days prior to the expulsion date.

2.6.3        Board members will provide an opportunity for said member to be heard either verbally or in writing not less than 5 days prior to the expulsion.

2.6.4        A member who has been expelled may be liable to the club for dues, assessments or fees as a result of obligations incurred by the member prior to expulsion.

2.6.5        Non-payment of dues or other monies owed to the club, 30 days past due.

Mishandling of any donations, money, gifts, door prizes, etc. collected in the name of the club.

3.0.0       Club Meetings


3.0.1        At all club meetings the following will take place: a call to order, a condensed reading of the past meeting minutes, updates from last meeting, financial report, consideration and action upon decisions at large, “open mike,” acknowledgement of members and future business.

3.0.2        Nominations and elections are held during normal meetings annually: November for nominations, December for elections, and January for installations.

3.1.0       Special Meetings

3.1.1        In the event a special meeting is required members will receive notification two weeks prior to the special meeting. Only matters described in the notification will be discussed.

4.0.0       Club Dues

4.0.1        Annual dues are:  Family membership              $25.00

Individual membership        $15.00

Junior membership               $ 5.00

4.0.2        Membership dues are due at the January installation meeting.

4.0.3        Membership renewal: any member who has not paid his annual dues by February 1 of the new year must submit a new application for membership if prior information has changed.

4.0.4        Mid-year membership dues will be prorated to December 31 of the current year.

5.0.0       Duties for Board of Directors

5.0.1        All club powers shall be exercised and club affairs shall be managed under the direction of the Board of Directors through these by-laws.

5.0.2        The function of the Board of Directors shall be to set long-term goals and to ensure that the club works toward these goals as stated in the by-laws.

5.1.0       Number of Directors

5.1.1        The Board of Directors shall consist of at least 5 members with a maximum of 11 members.

5.1.2        The elected officers are automatically members of the Board.

A member of the Roberson family must always serve on the board without term limitations.

5.2.0       Election of Directors


5.2.1        Members will nominate candidates at the November annual meeting by ballot.

5.2.2        The candidates receiving the majority of votes by members will be elected to fill the open board position(s) at the December annual meeting.

5.2.3        Candidates may volunteer or be nominated.  All candidates must be members.

5.2.4        All candidates will be identified; votes to be counted by the Board of Directors and Officers.

5.2.5        The candidates receiving the majority of votes will be elected to the open position(s) on the Board of Directors.

5.3.0       Terms of Directors

5.3.1        Each Director shall serve for a term of 1 year. Directors may serve more than one term, if so elected.

5.3.2        The term of a Director filling a vacancy in the office of an elected Officer expires at the next election of Directors.

5.3.3        The term of a Director filling another vacancy expires at the end of the said term, which said Director is filling. Despite the expiration of a Director’s term, the Director continues to serve until the Director’s successor is elected and appointed to office.

5.3.4        Junior members shall not serve on the Board of Directors.

5.4.0       Resignation of Directors

5.4.1        A Director may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the Board of Directors, its presiding Chairperson and Secretary.

5.4.2        A resignation is effective when notice is delivered.

5.4.3        Once a resignation notice is delivered, it is irrevocable unless permitted by a majority vote by the Board of Directors.

5.5.0       Removal of Directors

5.5.1        The members may remove one or more elected Director(s) only for violation of the By-laws.

5.5.2        An elected Director(s) may be removed by the members only at a meeting called for the purpose of removing the Director(s) and the meeting notice must state that the purpose of the meeting is removal of said Director.

5.5.3        Director(s) may be removed by the Board of Directors with a majority vote.


5.6.0       Vacancy on Board of Directors


5.6.1        If a vacancy occurs on the Board, the members may vote to fill the vacancy.

5.6.2        If there are 5 or more Directors remaining, the Board may decide to delay filling the vacancy until the next election.


6.0.0       Club Officers

6.0.1        Club offices shall be Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past Chairperson.

6.1.0       Duties of Officers

6.1.1        Each Officer has the authority and shall perform the duties set forth in the By-laws to the extent consistent with the By-laws.

6.2.0       Appointment of Officers


6.2.1        The Board of Directors shall appoint elected members to office(s).

6.2.2        Junior members shall not serve as Officers.

6.3.0       Terms of Officer


6.3.1        A member may only serve as an officer after being a paid club member for a minimum of 2 years.

6.3.2        Each Officer shall serve for a term of 1 year. Officers may serve more than 1 term if elected by a majority vote.

6.3.3        Officers advance by progressive advancement, which is defined as after serving as Treasurer, Treasurer moves to Secretary, Secretary to Chairperson, and Chairperson to Past Chairperson.

6.3.4        Progressive advancement of office occurs unless Officer negates advancement and majority rules in favor.

6.4.0       Resignation of Office


6.4.1        Any Officer unable to complete his term shall submit his request in writing to step down to the Board of Directors, the presiding Chairperson and Secretary. Resignation is effective when notice is delivered.

6.4.2        Once a resignation notice is delivered, it is irrevocable unless permitted by a majority vote by the Board of Directors.

6.5.0       Removal from Office


6.5.1        The Board of Directors may remove one or more Officers for violation of the By-laws. Proof of the violation will be delivered by 2 or more Directors.

6.6.0       Vacancy of Office


6.6.1        The Past Chairperson or a Board member shall fill the vacant office until the Board appoints a replacement.



7.0.0       Responsibilities of Officers


7.1.0       Chairperson

7.1.1        Oversee and administrate the activities of the club.

7.1.2        Oversee and ensure the duties of officers.

7.1.3        Oversee and delegate responsibilities of special committees.

7.1.4        Sign legally binding documents on behalf of the club.

7.1.5        Represent the club to other organizations.

7.1.6        Present trophies and awards.

7.1.7        Preside over all club meetings of members and Board of Directors meetings.

7.1.8        Oversee safety procedures and inspections.

7.1.9        Organize activities and promotions.

7.1.10      Ensure all communication (notifications, flyers, mailers, etc.) is delivered in a timely manner.

7.1.11      Appoint special committees for club functions and activities.

7.2.0       Secretary

7.2.1        Maintain a current club roster.

7.2.2        Records minutes of club meetings by tape recorder and transcribe for a written file.

7.2.3        Maintain By-laws and provide copies to new members.

7.2.4        Ensure application information is correct.

7.2.5        Maintain club album: pictures, articles and all files for historical record.

7.2.6        Assume responsibility in the event that the Chairperson is absent.

7.2.7        Appoint special committees for club functions and activities only with the authority of Chairperson.

7.3.0       Treasurer

7.3.1        Maintain the club checking account and ledger in an acceptable manner.

7.3.2        Receive and distribute all money involved with the club activities.

7.3.3        Provide a receipt for all money received.

7.3.4        Provide a financial statement at each scheduled meeting.

7.3.5        Maintain a current list of paid and unpaid memberships.

7.3.6        Supply and distribute membership cards.

7.3.7        Sign all membership cards indicating dues paid.

7.3.8        Notify prospective members of their acceptance or non-acceptance.

7.3.9        Appoint special committees for club functions and activities only with the authority of Chairperson.

7.4.0       Past Chair

7.4.1        Advise Board of Directors.

7.4.2        Assist in any area of club need.

7.4.3        Stand in for absent Officers at club functions.

7.4.4        In the event that the Chairperson cannot complete his term the Past Chairperson will assist the Board in club operations and fill the Chairperson position until another Chairperson can be appointed by the procedure outlined in section 9.5.0 If it is close to the end of the year the Past Chairperson may complete said term.



8.0.0       Failure to Hold Office

8.0.1        Any Officer or Director unable to complete his term shall submit a letter of resignation unless Officer is removed from office.

8.0.2        The vacant office will be filled either by the next Officer in line or as appointed by the Board.

9.0.0       Elections


9.0.1        All elections of members shall be by ballot.

9.0.2        Any member who is 18 years of age or older is eligible for participation in nomination to the Board.

9.0.3        Candidates may volunteer or be nominated. All candidates must be members.

9.0.4        Members nominate for non-Officer positions on the Board of Directors.

9.0.5        Nominations, including nominations of self, do not require a second nomination.

9.0.6        Annual nominations shall be held in November, elections held in December, and installations in January.

9.0.7        Elected members shall assume their responsibilities after the January installation meeting.

9.0.8        Ballot results shall be determined by a simple majority vote of the members present.  Ties shall be resolved by a flip of the coin.

9.0.9        Family memberships are limited to 2 votes.

10.0.0     Special Committees


10.0.1      All committees shall consist of one Board member appointed by the Chairperson or Officer, and several members as deemed necessary to complete the assignment. Each committee will report its progress to the Board and Chairperson as necessary. Each committee will submit a written report of activities and progress prior to regular club meetings for presentation at that meeting.

11.0.0     Club Rules and Regulations


11.0.1      All members shall comply with the by-laws.

11.0.2      No consumption of alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs during functions.

11.0.3      Operate vehicles in accordance to Oregon Revised Statutes.

11.0.4      Any member has responsibility for reporting violations of By-laws to Board members and or Officers.

11.0.5      No member of the club shall incur any expenses in the name of the club without the approval of the Board of Directors.

11.0.6      In the case of an emergency the Chairperson is empowered to authorize the expenditure of sufficient funds to meet the emergency.

12.0.0     Functions

12.0.1      Functions will be defined as any club activity, such as member meetings in public or private settings, car shows, cruise-ins and other events.

13.0.0     Inspection & Judging Events

13.0.1      All vehicles must be inspected by designated club officials before being registered for a given function.

13.0.2      Stock class will be defined as all vehicles under the Chrysler umbrella, be it Chrysler body and Chrysler powered, with no more than these three changes; aftermarket tires, battery, and electronic ignition.

  • Modified class will be defined as any modifications more than the three stated above.
  • Entrants whose vehicles are powered with engines outside the Chrysler umbrella must have their vehicle’s hood closed during the duration of the show and shall participate as “Display Only.”

13.0.5      At least 2 club officials designated as Judges are to make appropriate notes in the areas provided on the official judging sheet in each category, then award the agreed upon points for that category.

13.0.6      Each category is valued on a scale of 1 to a maximum of 5 points.

13.0.7      In the event of a tie, both cars will be reexamined.

13.0.8      People’s Choice are ballots given to event participants. Participants vote for their choice of best in each class. Ballots will be counted and the 1st , 2nd, & 3rd place will be awarded accordingly.

14.0.0     Insurance


14.0.1      All participants must have insurance for any vehicle to be registered for a given function, or driven in a club function.

15.0.0     Newsletter


15.0.1      A special newsletter mailed quarterly to include special functions, club information and general Mopar vehicle related news.

15.0.2      Vender advertisements are available at a nominal fee.

15.0.3      Sponsors and Co-Sponsors will receive free advertisements in the newsletter.

15.0.4      Classified advertisements available at a nominal fee.

16.0.0     Amendments to By Laws


16.0.1      Any active member whose dues are current can propose an amendment to the Bylaws in writing at a regular club meeting for consideration.

16.0.2      The power to vote on amendments to the bylaws stands with the directors. The board of directors may adopt, amend, or repeal one or more amendments to the bylaws. A notice shall be sent to all directors stating the purpose of the proposed change and contain or be accompanied by a copy or summary of the amendment or state the general nature of the proposed amendment.

16.0.3      A two-thirds favorable vote shall be necessary for the proposed amendment to become adopted.

16.0.4      The decision of the board shall be stated at the next scheduled club meeting.

16.0.5      Revision change number and date will be changed and applied to the bottom of each page. Copies of new by-laws will be available for all who ask for a copy.